Rose Gold Christmas Swag Tutorial-DIY Christmas Wreath

Let's make a gorgeous Rose Gold/Pink Christmas swag.

You can customize this project by adding your own colors or attachments, but use the same technique.

Supplies: 24" Pine Teardrop Swag

3- Frosted Holiday Pine Sprays (SKU:XX1578)

2-Flocked Winter Pine Sprays (SKU:XX1697)

3-Snowy Mint Bushes (SKU:82713GN)

2-Pink Poinsettia Flowers (SKU:CP1827)-Hobby Lobby

2-Large Pink Ornament Balls-Hobby Lobby

2-Small Pink Ornament Balls-Hobby Lobby

3-Sage Green or Rose Gold Cedar Glitter Sprays (SKU:262340)

2-Iridescent Honey Locust Glitter Sprays (SKU:262295)

1-2.5 Inch Rose Gold Glitter Ribbon (SKU:75102-40-26)

1-4 inch Mint Green Ribbon

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